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Re.Born Aja

Re.Born Aja was the first Base, which I developed to hang my own High Fidelity headphones upon. You know, models like the Meze 99 Classic & Bang & Olufsen H95. I was aiming for a design, pretty enough to stand alone without headphones. Hopefully be mistaken for a stylish piece of Art sculpture.

The materials are Re.Born Dark Oak wood with a Black Alloy TB1 table base.

Aja measures 240 mm. * 160 mm. * 40 mm. when standing attention.


Product descRiption

Ah yes, the Aja. Here is a product that never was meant to anything more than a friday evening styling exercise. At best, a model for my own private High Fidelity headphones, as they were just lying casually in the window sill. Which is not cool!

But a single sketch that I doodled together on a lazy summer holiday evening & then posted on Instagram, attracted some surprising attention. The first orders came in quickly. Way before the first prototype was even made. Then there was really any way back. Or any argument for not moving on & start a new project. Which I did.

Aja is thus indirectly the reason why this Workshop 66 web shop has come into the World.

The idea behind the Re.Born Aja is that your beloved headphones, should not just lie around like mine did. They deserve to be placed in a safe way, so that they will not get scratched or damaged. Now you can argue that there are already a sea of solutions that solve this. And you would be 100% right. But in my eyes, they all look like headphone stands at best. Even without any headphones placed upon them. Which I do not think fits into a nice & stylish home. It just looks odd & out of place. Tech & its accessories need to blend in & be integrated with the interior design. Not stand out.


I went the opposite way than what was already available & designed a solution that - in more than 1 way - can stand on its own. A solution which will complement your interior decor. And hopefully make your friends ask: What the hell is that?

I wanted to design something that could start a spirited conversation. Complement your good taste. Therefore I have deliberately chosen a discreet shape & some very exclusive organic materials. Timeless & classic. Aja is designed to fit most High Fidelity headphones. My own "standard" headphones hang overturned on my Aja. But you can also choose to let them follow the form. The choice is yours alone.

Aja is confident enough to stand alone. Eau naturel if I might be so bold. But if you want a little extra safety & stability, then you can easily mount the included TB1 table base. Again - the choice is yours.


The material is Re.Born furniture Oak wood, which is CNC milled to the unique Aja shape. Then a laser engraves a discreet logo into the wood, to give it a clear identity. The wood is subsequently hand-sanded until it feels soft yet tactile. After which it is polished up with a protective layer of an ecological mixture of cold-pressed flaxseed oil & organic bee wax. Which also makes the wood grain pop.

The TB1 table base is made from water-cut aluminium, which is subsequently powder-coated. In order not to scratch your furniture, I have mounted 3 small felt pads on the underside of the TB1 table base.

The box is handmade from recycled cardboard, especially for the Re.Born Aja, by my good Friend Kim at Vestergaard Aesker near Aarhus. Held together by beautiful shiny rivets. The box also gets a small logo embossed on top of the lid. Just because I can. It is my hope, that you will reuse the box for something useful, once you have unpacked the Aja. Throwing out the packaging is anything but sustainable. And to make it easy for you, the label on the underside of the box, is no better attached than you can easily pull it off again.


If you are wondering about origin of the Aja name, then it relates to my love for the classic Steely Dan album from 1977.

Re.Born Aja


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