Workshop 66

Workshop 66 is, beyond The Web Shop which you are looking at right now, also my personal PlayGround. My sacred place, where anything goes & everything is possible. It is the common denominator for all of the creative activities that I deal with & the ToyBox which gives inspiration to all of my Workshop 66 designs.

Workshop 66 is the natural evolution of Henrik Christensen Design, where I since 2008 have been developing Gaming & ProAV accessories as well as ergonomic office furniture, for domestic as well as international Companies. It was always projects that other Companies wanted me to help them with. Never projects spawn from my own curiosity & personal interest.

It has been a blast while it lasted. But as time progressed & my projects shifted more into Home Entertainment accessories, I found that the boundaries of Henrik Christensen Design was limiting for everything, that I wanted to pursue in the future. The global Covid-19 pandemic lockdown provided me with the needed break, to rethink my personal & professional priorities. Gave me enough time to draw up the rough sketches, for my future work life. A new strategy was born.

First up I needed a new Company name – I needed Workshop 66.