All Workshop 66 products are primarily sold via contacting me directly via e-mail or via SoMe. But that is not to say, that you can not experience & purchase Workshop 66 products else where.

I do have a few international retailers & showrooms as well as a kick-ass German Distributor, who are carefully selected based on how well they perform on Customer guidance, their personal after-sales service as well as their honest business philosophy. But the single most important criteria for me, is how well we get along with each other. For me it is all about human chemistry & personal relations.

It is a no brainer, that you can buy all of my Workshop 66 products direct from me & get them shipped to you. But sometimes it is nice to see & feel the product live, before you make that all important decision. So let me introduce you to my retailers.


HIFI CENTER JYLLAND – Maigaardsvej 2B / 9900 Frederikshavn / Danmark / 

I met Ronni Pedersen back in 2016, when he still was working in another High End HiFi shop near Aalborg. He was kind enough to purchase several of my design back then & using them in their showroom. Since then he has moved on to become the Store Manager at Hifi Center Jylland. Which owned by my other friend Laust Nielsen. Just to illustrated Ronni´s faith in my products, he purchased a lot of Re.Born Halo months before he even knew, when he would get his first pre-ordered High End headphones into the showroom. Since then he has ordered more & they are now also on display in their web shop. I urge you to drop by, if you by chance is heading for a visit to the most norther part of Denmark.

As of 2023, Ronni is now the Chief Sales Officer at Baun Audio. My products are nevertheless still on display at their showroom & available at Hifi Center Jylland.


NIPPER AUDIO CLUB. Via Cesare Battista 17 / 17031 Albenga / Italy /

It was by sheer chance – or accident if you will – that is became friends with Massimo Bianchi & Mario Scuderi of Nipper Audio Club in Albenga. I commented on a Instagram picture – in a perhaps slightly provocative yet respectful & funny way – that their exclusive High End headphones deserved to be placed on my stands. A dialog started & a few days later, the first shipment was on its way southbound to Italia. Massimo – who is highly respected within the Italian audio & music scene – has started a Club where like minded meet & enjoy the finer things in life, over a relaxing drink, listening either to live music or music re-created on the High End products in their beautiful showroom. I did special versions of my designs for them. If ever in Italy, do drive by Albenga by the Ligure Sea.


CMI DISTRIBUTION EUROPE . Am Berg 13 / 53913 Swisttal / Germany /

Christoph Mertens & his Company is our German distributor, who is representing all of our products in Europe. If you are a Retailer who wishes to sell our products, I highly recommend you to contact Christoph directly. There is a comprehensive German, Austrian & Switzerland retailer list on the CMI website.

ALEX GIESE GMBH. Theaterstrasse 14 / 30159 Hannover / Germany / 

Alex has this über cool store with some of the most acclaimed High End brands in the World. As well as a bucket load of great headphone brands. You can go visit his store & see my Halo in their Hannover showroom.