ABOUT Workshop 66

Workshop 66 is, beyond The Web Shop which you are looking at right now, also my personal PlayGround. My sacred place, where anything goes & where everything is possible. It is the common denominator for all of the activities that I deal with & the ToyBox which gives inspiration to all of my Workshop 66 designs. 

Workshop 66 is the natural evolution of Henrik Christensen Design, where I since 2008 have been developing Gaming & ProAV accessories as well as ergonomic office furniture, for domestic as well as international Companies. It was always projects that other Companies wanted me to help them with. Never projects spawn from my own curiosity & personal interest.

It has been a blast while it lasted. But as time progressed & my projects shifted more into Home Entertainment accessories, I found that the boundaries of Henrik Christensen Design was limiting for everything, that I wanted to pursue in the future. The global Covid-19 pandemic lockdown provided me with the needed break, to rethink my personal & professional priorities. Gave me enough time to draw the rough sketches, for my future work life. A new strategy was born.

First up I needed a new Company name
– I needed Workshop 66.

The Workshop 66 name quite simply originates from the fact, that all of my products, in the very best sense of the word, like in the good old days, are made in a real Workshop. By real people. So to say Man made. By good friends of mine, who are all skilled artisans within their own field. With strict focus on the Craft & those good old fashion virtues.

I wanted to go back in time, with the way Workshop 66 operates. Back to a time when people took their time to do things properly. Where pride in ones craft, was the single driving force. Where what was created, had to last for generations. Simply because people back then, did not have the money to spend on buying new stuff all of the time. And I really wanted to focus on solutions & quality, rather than meeting a specific retail price. So yeah, Workshop 66 stuff may not be for everyones wallet. I get that! 

However, going back in time does not necessarily mean, that everything is made without the use of High Tech machinery. We do use 3-axis & 5-axis CNC milling machines, laser & water cutting machines as well as environmental friendly powder coating. All of my ideas start out as hand sketches on a clean sheet of paper, before they are converted into 3D drawings & graphic design, ready for prototyping & production. All wood is hand sanded & polished by myself. The boxes in which the products are being delivered in, are hand made by my good friend Kim, who is a 3rd. generation Box maker. As well as an extremely talented self-employed Goldsmith at 2Form, based in Aarhus.

It is essential that everything that Workshop 66 does, is done as responsible & as sustainable as possible. And that everything is produced locally here in Denmark. This is not to say, that all of my products are 100% sustainable according to current standards. I really have to emphasize, that I have a great respect for rules & endorse regulations regarding sustainable marketing. It does mean, that I strive to leave as little a footprint as possible, when I put a new design into production.

A good example would be the boxes in which the products are being delivered in. Yes, I could lower the retail price or increase the profit significantly, if I used standard industry boxes instead. But let’s be honest, you would just throw away such boxes, once you have unpacked my product. Which is anything but sustainable – that’s not the Workshop 66 way of doing things.

That is why I use handmade boxes, made by Vestergaard Aesker. I hope that you will save them & re-use them for something else. Maybe even for something creative!

If you do so, then that is supporting the Old School spirit & is super sustainable. That the boxes then cost 5-6 times as much as an industrially manufactured box, is the price that I am willing to pay, in order to take care of our fragile environment. I hope that you agree with me on that one!

So what can you expect to see from me & Workshop 66 in the future? Well, you can expect me to keep making products that try to solve everyday problems. Products that are different in a good way, so that you hopefully feel that you just have to have them. I hope!

You can expect me to keep coming up with new ways to use honest materials. That I want to continue to share funny & personal stories, about all of the Workshop 66 projects & products on my SoMe platforms.

I will try to be far more open & transparent about the development of the projects & products, than what you have otherwise been accustomed to from other Companies. To me, the stories behind a product, the thoughts that set them into motion & how they are made, are at least as interesting as the product itself.

Workshop 66 products will never be cheap. But if you look at all of the stages, that a product has to go through, as well as the quality of the materials that i use, then you will discover that they are also not particularly expensive. I develop until I am satisfied with the solutions. Produce to a quality, rather than to a price.

It is my ambition, that all Workshop 66 products should be able to last for many years of use & still fit into your home. No matter how many times you may change style along the way. This means that I have to eliminate the time factor from the design. Make it time durable, so to say. Just as the highly praised Masters did, back in the last Millenium, when they – often without even realizing it themselves – created the Nordic classics of the future. Which we have all come to love. That is not to say, that I myself is cheeky enough to claim that my products will become future classics over time. It is just to underline the level which I am striving for & constantly is working towards. Will I succeed? I don’t know. Only time will tell!

Enough talking. Go check out my products in The Web Shop. See if there is anything in there for you & your exquisite taste.